13 Amazing Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Indoor and outdoor are shaped in architecture production. The both of them are unity that is supporting and completing each other. Creating the outdoor is not less important with interior creating. Basically the lighting arrangements. The character and function of the area are different required the different action in arranging.

Amazing Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Context Difference: The basic thing that difference the outdoor lighting with the lighting inside is concerning context. The outdoor lighting can not escape from the context that is to be design copper like as around nature, around buildings, and the lighting has been available in around of designing location. The security and safety and comfortableness factors of outdoor area owner is to be the main considering. The speedy level also is something should be considered, whether the outdoor used for feeder, bicycle rider, or motorcycle vehicle.

The speedy level influence to lighting quantity standard should be fulled for safety, security, and comfortableness the third character. The context difference the outdoor lighting with lighting interior. In lighting indoor, designer or architect who creates the context. The context is something is designed and can be communicated with the lighting design.  for a while, the lighting outdoor direction is defining the context and giving the accentuation in environment. These are very important depend on their self presenting, whether they are in the yard of the house, opening area, pedestrian ways, or highway.

The application of outdoor lighting appropriated to direction

The functional direction, for example highway lighting, so it will be more used in direct lighting. But for lighting of feed circulation like as one step way, safety and comfortableness are two things should be fulled. Indirect lighting can be used in order to it can light feeder ways moreover reduce dazzled level. In pedestrian ways also can use bollard. Bollard can give a light pedestrian ways directly without dazzling visual sense because the height is less one meter.

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The outdoor lighting in dwelling can be located in the elements have potential to create esthetic like as garden, pond, and pool. These depend on object that will be given accentuation. Vegetation and water element can be pressured with using uplight or stairs/climb with step light. The lighting can be as emphasize of circulation ways that located in entry gate of dwelling and the ways to dwelling.

Resident Safety: Architecturally, the lighting characterizes as architect supporting. Because of that lighting design is not only take attention the lighting that is produced, but also the light design is used. For example minimalist concept, be able to use lighting design that is minimalist too. These are applied in outdoor and indoor of the area.

The lighting is not only give the lighting quantity appropriating to standard of room function or beautiful light design shaping for esthetic. The lighting effect is big risk for psychology of human. The people can be bored, tired, even no mood quickly, if they are in the area with high intensity lighting and monotonic color. The comfortableness of resident is still to be main things.


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