19 Designs Backyard Garden with Beautiful Waterfall

Although the land area in your house is enough adequate, but your dream for having the waterfall with the rush and wave water sound that is produced by waterfall and fountains are as if still to be your dreaming.

Beautiful Backyard Waterfalls For Your Backyard Garden Garden

As we know the waterfall and the sound of fall way the water into the pond have not failed amusing the house holder because they are pampered by nature wave. Because of that, many people want the waterfall or fountains come in their backyard. Certainly sometimes the waterfall, basically the edge shaping needs large area. For you who just have small and narrow area, don’t be worry. There is artificial waterfall with minimalist style, stony relief, even Balinese ethnic style with small size, these things just need around the width 2 meters.

According to some architects and gardeners that I read on internet, artificial waterfall can be located in around front yard, beside of the house, backyard, or inside of the house, or it can be located without accompanied decorated plants. I have ever seen the fish pond and waterfall are made of in around the house as the house safety gate, definitely the house is to be more safety and comfortable.

If you want to locate your decorated plants can be located in garden around the pond or locate on the wall or empty side of garden, it means for losing the quiet impression in the side of waterfall. Another direction from decorated plants is in order to in around of waterfall like as shady, natural, and not arid.

This waterfall usually is completed by the small pond in front section. You can add ornamental fishes or water plants in order to their display is to be more natural and life. So, completing the waterfall, fish pond and garden with the mild ornamental plants.

Suggested that water plants are planted on the vase and planted in base of pond indirectly. This case for protecting in order to the pond is not to be turbid. Sprinkle also the small coral rocks on the vase, for avoiding the soil will dissolve by the water.

In order to the falling of water looked to be more natural, some waterfall sellers find out interesting idea can be imitated. One of them is using the glass in side of every mounds or with making some holes on top parallon pipe.

For water circulation, the waterfall are made as if spin with using water pump with electric  energy. The pump can be located in pond or it is hide under the waterfall construction.

So, plan firstly about the shape and the big of waterfall, pond and ornamental plants although it still shaped as like a dream. So as in later moment when it will be reached up, we really get the fish pond, waterfall, and garden with the condition that expected and dream. That is your dream in order to next day in your dream house, you can reach up the name of this dreaming waterfall too.


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