Apartment Decorating Ideas with Modern Design

Apartment Decorating Ideas with Modern Design

There are a few people love to adjust soft gentle pitch for their interior design apartment. Usually they will apply pale purple, navy blue, or beige to acquire softness and coziness sense. Pastel fairy of softness becomes one of most popular concept to build up modern apartment. Now Russian Mango Design Studio created a very modern Apartment Decorating Ideas in pastel fairy of softness design. The Design is located on the top floor of the new building in 95 square meters. It has an gateway hall, living room, closet, bathroom, hallway, office, kitchen, bedroom, and there is too washing room.

Comprehensive gateway welcomes visitor should wide corridor, section of which is devoted to the cabinet instead put conventional PACE wardrobes. The living room was designed in Mediterranean sight in sky blue and decorative ceiling girder painted in the same cope. The furniture in the standpoint for relaxation are designed with white colors, the floor is a radiance laminate and taking drywall in this room and piece of the corridor are built with decorative niches that substitute traditional bookcases.

Breakfast bar with stark design and high chairs separated location for intermission of the kitchen and dinning room. The whole furniture in the kitchen is using white colors to increase visual space. There is a working of art that replete of wrought iron and stained glass to distinct the kitchen and hallway. The dining table is placed amongst a wall and a hallway that conducts to the bedroom and study.


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