Beautiful Design Stone Garden Fountains Ideas

Many ways for natural and beautiful presenting in outside of our house but there is some people who constrained by narrow area and deficient in knowledge and information that are got for beautifying area and appearing beautiful impression. One of the way is replacing the fountains in outside of your house or room, but that is to be question is is there fountains with small shape? Of course there is.

Beautiful Design Stone Garden Fountains Ideas

The small fountains has the size in many types and it depends on the design and material which is wanted. Most of minimalist fountains are made of mixing of cement and sands. But if you through Magelang area so you will see or through the area that in along way sells many kinds of chisel of rocks that made of Larva rocks volcano, chunks of rock from the volcano, in this Magelang area you will find out the mould rocks craft.

The mould rocks in Magelang area if it looked will be same as the nature rocks which is chiseled. The advantage that make an attainments from this area has spread out to the world. The minimalist fountains according to the shape is classified to be two category.

  • Minimalist wall fountains. This fountain types is the fountain that usually pasted on the wall and just  can be looked from front section only.
  • Minimalist area fountains. This is the fountain types that can be looked from all corners, and can be replaced in the middle of the area.

The both of them can be replaced in outdoor and for replacing can be appropriated to area condition, if you want the fountains pasted on the wall so the first choice is minimalist wall fountains and if you want the position is middle or no paste on the wall so minimalist area fountains is the choice.

The process for creating the fountains according to a crafter that is used same as the fountains making from the stone, that is chiseled. Suggested that using the natural material which still can present minimalist impression, as like we know the minimalist garden house is not complete without the pond fountains available. The natural material that is used as like abut coral, river stones, and the stones also can be combined with little f wooden accent, it can be wooden accent that shaped geometry so as the fountains design that is produced looked minimalist atmosphere.

The fountains can shape the statue for presenting little of minimalist classic garden atmosphere or the fountains with relief waterfall shaping with stones shape. But the fountains making with using the relief big stones will spend little part of area that influence to the large yard is needed.


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