Decorating Modern Landscape Lighting Ideas Around Pool

Decorating Modern Landscape Lighting Ideas Around Pool

The advantage of water element just two effects, the first effect is refraction or deflect the lights and the second effect is reflection or effect of lights reflecting. Related to the lighting, the both advantages apply for pool and wall fountains.

Mention it for example if would like to shine the fountains in the garden, you can use up-lighting or technique of light shinning from under part to top part. The location in under close to water spray source. There is a technique itself for the fountains on the pool wall. Here, the light can not be replaced to lighting source in under water spray. But, replacing the lights that far of the pool so as the shadow can be avoided. It is better if you use the lights with the power in 20 watt.

The lighting in around pool can be done with lighting the pond base which tranquility. This lighting is very effective basically for emphasizing geometry pool design.

Besides the base floor of pool, you can install the lights on the wall. The lighting effect makes the display of pool is more dramatic.

The lighting on fish pond for example, it will be different again. The fish types basically they do not like the lighting. So, put on the lighting source near to water surface, not in the water. locate it in one corner of fish pond only. Do not give a light all parts of fish pond.

Actually, the water also can produce mirroring effect. For utilizing it, you can locate the lights which shine to the object in side of pool. The quiet and dark water will reflect the object that is lighted. This effect will be success if the pool is really in dark condition.

You can make this article as your sample for increasing your inspiration when you want to design and reface your pool and give the lights landscaping in around there.


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