How to Replace Bathtub Faucet and Shower Head

How to replace bathtub faucet

It is a complicated job for replacing bathtub faucet without enough knowledge about plumbing Skill. But, in fact the process is so simple and can be complete by everyone. For those, who want to replace bathtub faucet and shower head find some tips and suggestions below:-

Tips and Suggestions for How to Replace Bathtub Faucet

Identify the type of faucet’s spout, its slip type or screw type. By looking underneath the spout, you will get easy to know about the type. The slip type has a small screw hole, and for the screw type not.

Know well the right things How to replace bathtub faucet which is dissimilar for every type. For the screw type, this one is comparatively easy to remove. Usually, such type will be found in rather older bathtub. Just put a screwdriver and twist it in a counter clockwise to remove the spout at the bathtub. Do the same things for the rest process, even now you will be able to remove without using screwdriver.

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After that replace the old faucet with the new one and just repeat the process in reverse to install the faucet at the bathtub. For the slip type of faucet, you are going to replace it rather different with the screw type. First, use Allen key to unscrew an Allen bolt in the bottom or another one Allen bolt in the top rear from the faucet. Then come off the existing faucet and replace it with new faucet. Repeat the step you have just done previous to return the faucet to the place in the right place on bathtub.


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