Modern Apartment Studio Design Ideas for Small Space

Developing the apartment building in the big cities as if being the mirror of how the important the staying necessary that is comfortable for the population. Nowadays the society can not dodge for building the own house definitely it needs the big payment and it is difficult to get the area that the low price. However, many people choose the practice ways for getting the home stay that suitable. That is with buying or renting the apartment.

Modern and Unique Interior Design for Small Studio Apartment

Many kinds of apartment that usually differentiated according to the area large, make the price in every units also to be variative. Even because the price limited, it is not seldom the people choose the simple and small apartment although from design section impressed homogeneity and boring. Here that we will tell is how to change the simple and elegant small apartment design that impressed as usual firstly is to be the clean small home stay, comfortable, and make the house holder is to be comfortable.

The small apartment refacing in order to it looked large. Condos in Bonifacio Global City

For the people who have the apartment in the big city like as California or New York, treat the apartment same as treat the house generally. But for doing that’s all is not as easy as we imagined. Full of the business activity that is as if not ending sometimes make somebody do not want to reface the apartment although the design has been bored. One more for the apartment without the bedroom (studio size) that can be said enough narrow.

How can make the simple small apartment design in order to it looked comfortable to look?

Stylish Interior Ideas for Studio Apartments

Stylish Interior Ideas for Studio Apartments

For the paint of wall, try the same color for every sides of the wall area. If the area gets many sunlight directly, the grey or dark color can be alternative choice.

As I said above, the small apartment usually has studio size that does not have the bedroom barrier. If you want to have the private room, for example the bedroom, this case can be tricked with replacing the shelf that can cover at once share the apartment room is to be some parts.

If having the stuffs that much numbers and it should be located in the room, it should be changed with the cupboard with the small and short size. Try the cupboard has the door and use the key in order to the stuffs inside are not easily to fall. For the table should choose the small size and the size is not too large.

Suggested that the furniture design choose the simple one, solid with the bright colors for avoiding the room that feel full. For the bed can be chosen the stairs style. And this case for minimizing the room.

For the floor section, the simple small apartment design is more ideal uses the ceramics that have long diameters in order to the room looked larger. The bright colors but it tends to soft and can be applicated so that the area looked more be life.

If you want to use the sofa, it should be arranged forming “L” letter, in this case can be probably with available the space remainder of the area in around the sofa.

Do you have the apartment that is small category? Try these steps in refacing above, and make it sure that your apartment can change is to be the small palace that is beautiful and comfortable.

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