Small Apartment Balcony Garden Ideas with Pictures

Small Apartment Balcony Garden Ideas

Nobody think if choosing to stay in the apartment is very advantage and practice. Close to the working location, all the facilities are provided by the apartment developer, start from the security until the laundry.

But there is a lost thing without you consider. If you like gardening, this favorite one can not you do with the limited area in your apartment. Staying in apartment definitely it will be not have the large garden, moreover the garden.

But it does not matter, because with the little creation that can change the apartment balcony of you is to be the vegetable garden that beautiful. It is very easy, because you just need to provide the place or plant vase for planting.

Besides with using the vase, you will easily to arrange, you just move the vases appropriate with your willing. Not only that, you will minimize the water using, because with this vase system, the water that is used will be more efficient so far than if you plant into the soil directly.

Some ways you can use as the steps if you want to make the vegetable garden in balcony especially in small apartment. You can make the unique garden with your favorite plants.

  1. Choose the plants that need the easy treatment for example tomato, cucumber, lettuce, bean, or spinach. Using the bit of your creativity, so this plant can be planted on vase and they are arranged for decorating your apartment balcony.
  2. Counting the size of plants place, because the big and small of the plants area depends on the plants character that will be planted. For example the tomato that needs the area in size of 18 inc, and then the pepper is suitable with the small vase.
  3. For streamlining the watering system on the vase, before it is sowed by the planting media, giving the small rocks or gravels on base of vase first.
  4. As the soil fertilizer, mixed it with the compos in planting media, because the plants also need the nutrition for growing up.
  5. As we know the plants, you keep should do the watering everyday and put on the plants in area that appropriate with its necessary. For example the tomato needs the area that always get the sunlight, and then the spinach and lettuce are located in the area that mild and protect better. Make it sure that in your balcony will get the sunlight directly minimally six hours in a day.
  6. Using the trellis and gate of balcony as the area for spreading and sustaining your plants, like as the tomato, cucumber, or bean. Not only make it mild, the vegetable plants of you will look more beautiful decorating your apartment balcony.

With the bit of creativity, imagination and time that you have, so you can change your apartment balcony is to be the mild area, comfortable, and fresh.


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