11 Great Patio Landscape Design Ideas Style

Arranging the house should think about the room function. The esthetic section does not miss from the attention. If it is with the best touching, the house and room inside is not just functional, but also comfortable, healthy, and beautiful.

Great Patio Landscape Design Ideas Style

For the way beautifying interior is available of patio in the house. Patio is the area for relaxing together with family. Patio can be shaped like as terrace or lounge that are in the house or backyard. Besides it shaped terrace, patio can be shaped the garden.

Many designs that is used for arranging the patio. Most of the patios are made with using the floor from paving and the roof/canopy for protecting of sun and rain. The patio location also can be varieties, it can be in the middle of the house or in terrace of back part with the closing structure or even opening characteristic.

As the area for escaping the tired, patio is designed for giving relaxing atmosphere. Decorating plants available is very important for giving the impression. But need to be remembered, the decorating plants is used, do not to be too lush, but the plants enough give the fresh accent.

Mini pool available, and the accessories like as fountains and waterfall will add the beautiful atmosphere. Replacing the plants in corner of pool. Fresh impression will be more looked.

For the patio floor, it can be made with paving block or with the natural rocks. Choose the paving block floor with holes. Besides that it can be planted by the grass, through by block paving holes, the water can absorb to the soil. The floor from the cement also can be used, basically if the patio often is used for doing many events and meetings. The cement floor makes easily to be cleaned.

The patio section is to be some parts with using natural rocks. Arrange the nature rocks in the middle of patio forming the ways. With different texture and color from the nature rocks will give patio impression shared to be some parts.

Replacing the furniture that resistant to the weather in patio. Choose the furniture are made of iron or stainless steel. If using from the woods, choose the woods that enough resistant to the water like as teak woods. Patio roof can be shaped as well as the forming. The curved shape can also be applied. The roof should be made of aluminium product. Besides it is light, strong and also rust resistant so as it will be more resistant long time.

In the tropic country, the roof should be made in slopping enough , in order to the rain water fall perfectly and not through getting the furniture that in the patio. With the best design and arrangement, patio is the comfortable area for escaping the tired, even doing many events in your house.


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