9 Paint Colors for Small Rooms with No Window

In every house there is usually one room that is not equipped with windows for various reasons. These room normally used by the owner as a place to store items or commonly called the warehouse. A room that is not completed by the window can look dark, moist and sometimes look dull. To anticipate the room to look brighter and fresh, you can choose the right paint colors for small rooms with no window.

Paint Color for Small Room

Color for small rooms that can make the room looks more spacious is the bright colors. The usual bright colors chosen by a person to give a wider room impression is white, this color can also make a room look more elegant. However, some other bright color such as light blue, light green, bright yellow, or cream can also choose to give the wider room impression.

Surely everyone does not want to have a room without a window, but for various reasons that force them to accept it. Therefore, the homeowner must be clever in choosing the right paint colors for small rooms with no window so that the results are perfect. By applying one of the various colors that have been mentioned above, the room seemed to look brighter as if it has a window.


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